adaptability practices

adaptability practices
EVOLUTION: what’s under the hood?
It’s often believed that transformation is long, complex and torturous. At Evolution, we challenge that view
Every human being and her way of living are a wise, stable system. It takes attentiveness, finesse and time for such a system to embrace something new and really useful

Our experience in supporting personal and team transformations suggests they can happen instantaneously, effortlessly and joyfully. That requires learning a new way of interacting with oneself, others, large systems and the world as a whole
Formats, tools and activities
  • Modules
    will introduce key topics and a menu of theories, solutions and tools for personal promotion and individual work
  • Workshops
    will help with regular inquiry into new practices and their integration in daily life
  • Individual advisor sessions
    will enable embracing all the new things, making progress with a project of your choice, getting feedback on individual inquiries, discussing anything that matters to you personally
  • 1:1 meetings
    are held by participants at their discretion at least 1-2 times between any two modules; people are randomly assigned to pairs
  • Project meetings
    to discuss individual projects, to apply program tools to them and make progress
  • EvoGym individual training sessions

    support development of necessary skills as you crack cases with a coach, receive instantaneous feedback, apply it right away and see how practice can be transformed
  • Nourishing environment
    You will find yourself among diverse, interesting, questioning, caring people who are passionate about development
This program is not designed to become yet another heavy burden adding even more to stress or tension
Development and progress are only possible from a place of comfort!
In the pattern we will offer you will be able to allocate mere 2-3 hours a week to your development. Your individual advisor will help you integrate all tools and activities in work and daily life.

It’s important to go at a comfortable pace, to create a safe personal space where you won’t need to do what you are not ready for yet
Program overview
April 5-7, 2024
Every person has her own way of discovering and understanding herself. We know from practice that 100% people understand themselves poorly. This Module focuses on meeting ourselves — realizing one’s strengths and weaknesses, resources, potential, risks and opportunities, motivation, sources of energy and inspiration, behavioral strategies and most importantly, cognitive strategies. The way we think determines so much in our lives, it effectively shapes them. It’s essential to explore these strategies and check if they are "on our team" or otherwise. It is also great to learn one's inner workings, fundamental skills and capabilities and how they influence one's performance, what can be changed and what needs to be accepted.

In this module we shall offer a whole set of practices and methods to manage oneself, one’s state and emotions. Our state impacts what we do and how successful we are just as much (and sometimes even more) as our skills and abilities. We will explore self-management — what it is, how to do it and what it requires.
Module composition
April 5-7, 2024
Theories and practices of the module: 
  • Evolution stages. Vertical Development (Susan Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert)
  • Hogan-based reputation management
  • Sources of strength, energy and motivation
  • Internal resources: inquiry into assets and deficits
  • Strategic perspective and self-determination 
  • Structogram (Rolf Schirm). Neurophysiological foundations of our behavior
  • Structure of basic skills and competencies in the modern world
  • Self-management, emotional maturity
  • Embodiment intelligence
  • Mindfulness practice (Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dan Siegel)
  • Impact of the environment on personal evolution
  • Elaboration of projects/initiatives
Certificates, licenses, tools, methods
  • Hogan Assessments®, 3 Minute Mile, UK
  • Vertical Development for organizations. GLA, UK
  • Vertical Development for Leaders, Global Leadership Profile, GLP®, © William R.Torbert, LLC and Elaine Barker, Ltd. UK
  • leadership maturity coaching (LMC) certification process. Part I, Part II. Susanne Cook-Greuter, Center for Leadership Maturity (Vertical Development Academy), California, USA
  • STRUCTOGRAM® international. IBSA AG, Switzerland

  • Theory U O.Sharmer, PFP-Presencing Institute, Germany
  • Immunity-To-Change, W.Kegan, Minds at Work, USA
  • Transformadonal and Integral Leadership Program MetaIntegtal, California, USA,

  • Stage performing, Jan Fabre, Belgium
  • Mindfulness practitioner. USA
  • MBSR, Mindful Academy Solterreno
  • Arnold Mindell Process Work, ISPWR

  • Executive Coaching. UC Berkeley, USA
  • Executive Coaching. University of Cambridge, UK
  • Facilitator. Sam Kaner School, USA
  • Ardui Associates, Belgium
  • ICF, ECI business coach
  • Clean Language, Ancora Imparo, Moscow
  • Transactional Analysis, ICU, MIP, (ЕАТА) ТА 101
  • Shadow Work, BFT
  • Psychodrama Techniques in Coaching, PCRTI, Moscow
  • Human Asset Review®, LeaderFit®, Odgers Berndtson

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Adaptability practices

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