Evolution: what’s it all about?
We live at a time when work and life landscapes are complex and unpredictable, we bite off more than we can chew and get exhausted, we lose purpose and motivation, we don’t know where to go, we reboot and experience chronic stress, we lack the energy for ourselves, our work and our close ones. All the time we are feeling that we are doing something important and there is no way to escape it
At the same time we expect ourselves to be active 24/7, to ensure wellbeing for our close ones, to invent and create something new, to collaborate in harmony, to make the world a better place, to look great, to do sports, to spend time with the family and kids, to have fun and joy
It can also happen that everything we have planned has come to life. We have a lot of energy and desires, repeating the past holds no appeal, but what to do instead and how is not clear. We need something that will help us tap our potential — a new inspiring idea, objective, like-minded people, project or a supporting environment
A modern person grapples with many questions about living in this unknown new normal where simple answers (start a family, make money, get a new profession, buy a house, get a hobby) don’t cut it any more, and new ones have not emerged yet. What can be done about it?
An important recent discovery in human development is that while the environment is changing rapidly, our psyche is unable to catch up. Human nature shaped by millennia of our ancestors’ history is not fit for the world of today
EVOLUTION Place is about adapting to new circumstances, being happy, joyful and well-situated, developing productive and humane relations with others while staying true to oneself
What’s the promise of Evolution?
We perceive the world in a certain way which shapes our reactions and decisions. This way is like an operating system (OS), which has not been updated for a long time, and may have become outdated and unfit to run some new “apps“ required for a modern life
Evolution provides an upgrade to this personal OS — we will offer a range of techniques, methods, practices, tools and approaches for such a change
All Evolution programs promote personal transformation and invite everyone to a self-paced application of diverse tools in a safe and humane environment, development of meta skills, expansion of their repertoire of reactions, and heightened adaptivity
We see “transformation" as the ability to think, feel and act in a new way. And “development" for us means the ability to hold a position of inquiry with regard to oneself, one’s thoughts, feelings, reactions, actions and one’s life as a whole
Founder of EVOLUTION, evolution practitioner, speaker, program leader, coach, moderator, practitioner
Evolution practitioner, speaker, program leader, coach, moderator
Evolution practitioner, program leader, coach, moderator, head of EvoGym
Evolution practitioner, speaker, program leader, coach, moderator
Evolution practitioner, program leader, coach, moderator
Evolution practitioner, program leader, coach, narrativist, moderator
Evolution practitioner, program leader, moderator
Evolution practitioner, program leader, moderator, Head of Evolution Plus
Evolution practitioner, instructor, coach, moderator
Evolution practitioner, instructor, moderator
Evolution practitioner, mindfulness expert and trainer, coach, moderator
Leadership development  and personal growth consultant, motivational speaker, facilitator, expert in commercial communications
Varvara Volyanskaya
Executive producer, evolution practitioner, instructor
Maria Krasnova
Veronica Krek
Daria Kiseleva

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