Evo|Young helps kids and teenagers discover the world and themselves through games where they explore emotions, cultural codes and human body systems. We’re now developing the program and crafting exploration scenarios. To that end, Evo|Young team has planned diverse events for teenagers and interviews with parents.

Join the Evo|Young channel

The Telegram channel will welcome everyone interested, but for now we’re inviting adult graduates of Evolution who want to participate or stay in the loop.

In the era of ultimate runaway success and incessant streams of information, it is often difficult for us (adults) to hear ourselves and be in sync with the internal GPS; and modern kids are facing the same issues. Teenagers are often caught in the storm of uncertainty where it’s tricky to decide ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who do I want to be?’ while also sorting out the world around them and how they should go about it. As we pondered this, we chose to launch Evo.Young as a format where kids and teenagers delve into evolutionary processes and discover how humans work – which emotions make us up, how our key systems operate, what kind of cultural code we live in and what other codes are like.
Evo.Young is a space where maturing minds can gain experience and tools for adaptation to the miraculous world (primarily through games) we live in.
  • Founder of EVOLUTION, evolution practitioner
  • Maria Ivanova
    Contemporary artist, Evolution graduate